Zero INvisible Children (ZINC) aims to permanently certify the identity of children in conflict zones by leveraging blockchain technology.

ZINC Foundation is an initiative of Tykn.tech and is brought to life with two major goals: – Bring a global standard in issuing birth certificates similar to what passports have. Starting from the European Union to the Rest of the World. – Advocating and Educating on the use of Cryptos and Blockchain as a tool for reaching the goals of UNSDGs, specially 16.9

By leveraging Blockchain technology, we are able to register the legal identity of children such as Lyn permanently through a mobile application, forever. No matter the terrible conditions in the home countries of these children, they shall always be registered, where no war, database failure or human error could possibly change this.

Relieving a Severe Humanitarian Problem

February 2017, we ventured down to a Syrian refugee camp in the Bekaa-Barelias area in Lebanon, with the goal to learn as much as possible about the conditions the people there are living in to help in designing the most elegant solution. What we found was that, where the actual registration of children is even more cumbersome to refugees than we thought (especially for children past the age of one), a grand majority of people inside the refugee camp actually own or have access to a smartphone with a fair internet connection. This is our gateway to the solution these people deserve.

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Board Members

Safiyeh Salehi Mobarakeh

Tey El-Rjula

Khalid Maliki

Moe Levin

Herman Lohman